Social Work Research Center

Social Work Research Center

The research center team consists primarily of lecturers from the Department of Social Work and the Department of Social Sciences. Lecturers from any department, faculty or university from Hungary or abroad may join the research center.
The activities of the research center are:

  • Research to develop the science, theory and practice of social work
  • Inter-professional research, joint research of social work and other professions
  • Develop and improve social work methodology and research methodology
  • Continuous training to disseminate methodological improvements
  • Publishing of articles and books
  • Implementation of grants and projects

The research team's work is published in ’Párbeszéd’ social work journal housed in the Social Work Department:


  • Dr. Gergely Fábián PhD, Habil (Department of Social Sciences), head of the research team, 2014-2017
  • Dr. Katalin Szoboszlai PhD (Department of Social Work) deputy head of the research team, 2014-2017
  • Dr. Éva Huszti PhD (Department of Gerontology)
  • Dr. Lajos Hüse PhD (Department of Social Work)
  • Erzsébet Balogh MA (Department of Social Work)
  • Mónika Fucskó MA (Department of Social Work)
  • László Patyán MA (Department of Gerontology)
  • Anita Rusinné Dr. Fedor PhD, Habil (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Dr. Gabriella Ludescher PhD (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Dr. György Jóna PhD (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Dr. Edit Marsi MA (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Dr. Sarolta Mádi PhD (Department of Social Sciences)
  • Dr. László Sipos PhD (Department of Social Sciences)

Updated: 2019.02.11.

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