Digital books in English
The professors and lecturers of our faculty have prepared several digital learning materials that students can use free during their studies. The books primarily contain the topics of Nursing, Health Social Work and Gerontology and they can be downloaded from the Moodle system of the Faculty.
e-Learning link here.
List of the books:

  • Gergely Fábián: Applied Research Methodology
  • Gergely Fábián: Applied Survey and Research Methods
  • Gergely Fábián: Elderly Policy I. (International Elderly Policy)
  • Katalin Papp-Adrienn Siket Ujváriné: General principles of health care and nursing Lecture notes for teachers
  • Katalin Papp: Geriatrics and its Nursing Principles
  • Katalin Papp: Rehabilitation
  • Imre Semsei: Gerontology
  • Imre Semsei: Basics of Gerontology
  • Imre Semsei: Basics of Biogerontology
  • Imre Semsei: Experimental Gerontology
  • Imre Semsei: Aging and diseases
  • Imre Semsei: Demographic approach of Socio-gerontology
  • Adrienn Siket Dr. Ujváriné-Nóra Szögi: Community medicine and its nursing
  • Ildikó Balatoni: Quality Assurance
  • Zsigmond Kósa: Health Policy
  • György Jóna: Health Sociology
  • György Jóna-Krisztina Éva Szabó Sivadóné: Social insurance policies, insurance schemes
  • Klára Bíró-Gábor Bányai-Zsolt Nádházy-Csaba Papp-Judit Zsuga: Introduction to the health care management
  • István Barna-Ádám Lelbach: Renal disease in elderly - Cardiorenal-anemia syndrome
  • Béla Székács-Andrea Molnár-Ádám Lelbach-Csaba Ferencz: Progressive physiological-pathophysiological alterations of muscle mass and power in elderly. Can be the process prevented or slowed down?
  • Bálint Boga-Ádám Lelbach: Thoughts on ageing, elderly care and the on geriatrics in human history
  • Gyula Bakó: Special characteristics of drug administration in the elderly
  • Ágnes Egervári: Dementia:challenge the XXIth century
  • Erzsébet Kárándi: Ways of supporting elderly dementia victims
  • Győző Pék: Geronto psychology
  • Gábor Laukó-Mária Mihálka: Equal opportunities for elderly people
  • László Patyán: Elderly Policy II. (Elderly policy in Hungary)
  • László Patyán: Elderly abuse
  • Katalin Szoboszlai-László Patyán: Social work dealing with elderly people
  • Zoltán Csajbók-Sándor Vályi: Insurance Mathematics
  • Csilla Rubovszky: Activities helping active ageing
  • Miklós Zrínyi-Csilla Fehér: Marketing for elderly populations
  • József Jászberényi: International and Hungarian Models and
  • Practices of Gerontology
  • József Jászberényi: Age discrimination – Elderly discrimination
  • Mária Figler: Nutrition in elderly
  • Annamária Pakai Karamánné: Screening tests for significance in the field of gerontology

Updated: 2018.03.06.

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