Nursing (BSc)


  • Nurse

Field of training

  • medical and health sciences

Length of training

  • 8 semesters


  • 240

Type of training

  • full time and part time

The aim of nursing degree program is to train professionals who possess high level professional knowledge, who will be able to take up the responsibility to provide nursing for individuals, families and communities and make the most of their abilities in health care and rehabilitation. By the end of their studies nurses will be able to make decisions in preventive care, curing, nursing care and rehabilitation at all levels of health and social provisions.

  • the notion and criteria of health as well as the somatic, psychic and social state of human beings
  • how to preserve and restore the health of an individual, family, community and the society; the system of health care and social provision, their IT and financial background, as well as the middle- and long-term targets
  • provide managing tasks in their own scope of profession
  • take part in the prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation processes at all level of health care and/or social provision
  • provide first-aid in emergency, and make the right decision they are competent for
  • perform health educational tasks, apply IT equipment and methods and carry out the documentation
  • organize and do individual and team work, form and sustain interpersonal relations
  • recognize the correlations in their profession, evaluate the results and cases, as well as take part in theoretical and practical training
  • apply the appropriate therapy for either locomotor disorders or diseases of internal medicine, psychiatry, surgery, neurology, orthopaedics as  well as physiotherapy in accordance with the doctor’s diagnosis fitted into the medical treatment

Recommended for those who have a calling and inner motivation to help other people preserve their health, provide the necessary care and rehabilitation. For students with a passion to assist individuals, families and groups to determine and realize their body, mental and social possibilities in spite of challenges in the constantly changing environment where they live and work. Nursing is art and science, which requires specialized knowledge and the application of skills of the discipline. The nurse is an independent person who is responsible for the care provided by him/her.

Program of the course

Basic modules: Biophysics, Economics and Management, Emergency Care, First Aid, Health Care Law, Health Promotion, Informatics, Medical Latin, Hungarian Language, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Social Policy, Sociology.
Professional core studies: Basics of Physiotherapy, Basics of Research, Methodology, Biochemistry, Clinical Psychology, Dietetics, Functional Anatomy, General Principles of Health Care and Nursing, Gerontology, Health Promotion, Internal Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology, Pedagogy, Pharmacology, Physiology-Pathophysiology, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Psychiatry, Social Skill Training, Theoretical Psychology.
Specialized subjects: Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, Applied Psychology, Basics of Research, Methodology, Clinical Psychology, Community Care, General Principles of Health Care and Nursing, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine, Leadership in Nursing, Neurology, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Pedagogy, Pharmacology, Professional Nursing, Professional Surgical Nursing, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Surgery, Trans-cultural nursing.

Career possibilities

Nurses with a Bachelor’s degree can work in primary care, hospitals, out-patient and in-patient clinics and social institutions or they can also be hired by home care services. They can continue their studies at Master’s level, in Doctoral School or in post-qualifying trainings where they will be specialized in acute patient care, dialysis or health rehabilitation.
According to the Directive of 2005/36/EC BSc in Nursing is acknowledged in all EU members.


For further detailed information about the curriculum and subject requirements please check the course Bulletin 2021/2022.




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