Department of Theoretical and Integrative Health Sciences

Department of Theoretical Health Science was organized in 2002 by Dr Kalapos István, PhD, Full Professor. This has been changed to Department of Theoretical and Integrative Health Science by Dr Kalapos István, who is the head of the department in 2015. Teaching the basic and theoretical subjects which belong to the department, are very important in the first three terms of the training because with this knowledge students will be able to understand and study the further subjects which are connected by clinical and field training. The context of the basics of morphology, the biochemical processes and function of the body's physiology/pathophysiology and the functional approach are essential for studying further subjects. Our important goal is to teach the basic knowledge of integrative medicine and complementary medicine in our Faculty. In that case suitable approach can be formed for the today's requirements.

Head of the department


Our important aim is that we will teach the basics of Integrative Health Science and the Complementary Medicine as well either in the Department of Health or Social Sciences of our Faculty.

Academic profile

Dr Kalapos István who is the head of the department gave a lecture in the 1st and 2nd Complementary Medicine Congress in Budapest in 2014 and 2015 in the following themes

  • – Comparative Analysis of European and Chinese medicine
  • – Facts of healthy lifestyle/ ‘Live healthier!’

Head of the department was asked to give lecture about these themes in the University of Miskolc Health Faculty. Dr Kalapos István gave lecture which title was ‘Importance of Integrative Medicine’ on the occasion of Day of Science.
It is important to mention that Dr Lipóczki Imre gave a lecture about Tung acupuncture in the Hungarian Medical Association of Acupuncture Jubilee Congress in 2015.
We are proud of our colleagues who are making their PhD education. Molnár Mónika master teacher gave lecture in PhD student Conference and she usually writes professional articles.
Our other colleague, Dr Kamarási Viktória has started her PhD course in the University of Debrecen in 2013. Her first article was published in Orvosi Hetilap (2015, 156(38), 1523-1531) which title is ‘Methodology and importance of systematic reviews’. She is the first author and it is a summary announcement.

Our future duties, plans

  • – successful continuation of PhD studies
  • – publish further publication, professional articles
  • – organize, develop the approach of  integrative medicine
  • – development of education, modernization of curriculum and use the latest achievements in the curriculum

Updated: 2017.11.06.

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