28 Sep
Countdown to yoUDay
In just a few hours, Hungary’s first stadium show will start. Sneak a peak of the dress rehearsal held on Tuesday evening, and we will also show you a tiny detail of tonight’s events. Let’s experience this together, as the Day of the University is your day!
26 Sep
American delegation at the University of Debrecen
Expanding partnerships: one of the oldest US universities will build closer links with the University of Debrecen.
23 Sep
First Night at the University of Debrecen
The Hungarian premiere of “Brown Buffalo,” a play by contemporary Chicano playwright Carlos Morton, is to take place at the University of Debrecen, attended by the author himself.
22 Sep
Donation by Students
International students at the University of Debrecen have decided to support sick children through donating the full amount of HUF 1.5 million collected at the event called International Food Day.
22 Sep
Hello Erasmus
Incoming international students have been given a genuine Hungarian dinner-party and dance-house experience at the University of Debrecen.
19 Sep
Orientation week
A record number of Erasmus students have arrived at the University of Debrecen for the fall semester and they have been greeted and received at our institution with a variety of social and informative functions and presentations.
19 Sep
SET: Sports, Lifestyle, and Therapies
The Sports Diagnostics, Lifestyle, and Therapy Center of the University of Debrecen has been inaugurated in Nagyerdei Stadion.
16 Sep
Gerundium: An Age-Old Symbol
When the gerundium-s, or club-shaped wooden objects of unique ornamentation, symbolizing our institution and the individual faculties, are “off duty,” they “take their well-earned rest” in Rector’s Council Room of the University of Debrecen.
16 Sep
yoUDay - your day
Members of the four thousand strong international student body at the University of Debrecen are also expected to participate, both as performers and as attendees, in the spectacular stadium show to mark the opening of the new academic year.
13 Sep
More than Forty Countries Await!
Students, faculty and staff members can also use the Erasmus+, and the Campus Mundi scholarship programmes to travel abroad.

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