Health Social Work (MSc)


  • Qualified Health Social Worker

Field of training

  • medical and health sciences

Length of training

  • 4 semesters


  • 120

Type of training

  • full time and part time

The aim of the degree program is to train professionals who with the knowledge and methods gained about the fields of health and social sciences are able to tackle both health and social related problems by performing professional, social and intersectoral cooperation. Graduates will become part of preventive activities, as well as activities targeting acute problems, and after-care.

  • in comprehensive professional knowledge by integrating the characteristics of social work and health care,
  • to reveal and analyse the individual and societal connection between health and social related problems,
  • to work out and implement developmental programs as well as independent supportive processes,
  • to tackle complex health and social related problems,
  • to work out and implement social diagnosis and therapy,
  • to reveal individual and wider resources to make cooperation possible,
  • to work out and apply social activities as part of rehabilitation,
  • to perform team-work.

Recommended for those who hold a bachelor’s degree either in health care or social studies and would like to work in either health or social care provision; for those who have already worked in these fields and plan to work on comprehensive issues as member of a multidisciplinary medical team. It is also recommended for those who would like to be a specialist in hospice care, elderly care, rehabilitation, patient care, and care for disabled people or addicts.

Our faculty allows quite a wide range of pre-requirements for the applicants who hold any of the following degrees or qualification:

  • General Social Work or Social Work (traditional or bachelor’s degree),
  • Social Pedagogy (traditional or bachelor’s degree)
  • Bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Nursing, Physiotherapist, Paramedic etc.)
  • Social Policy, Political Sciences, Sociology, Social Sciences, Pedagogy, and Psychology (traditional or bachelor’s degree)
  • Teacher training (traditional or bachelor’s degree)

In addition to the previous list degrees from any bachelor or master program under the current credit system and degrees issued by college or university acceptable on the basis of the obtained knowledge and credits by the credit transfer committee of the higher educational institution can be taken into consideration.

Program of the course

Basic subjects: Health Policy, Health Science Studies in Health Social Work, Health and Social Law, Sociology of Health, Health Psychology and Mental Hygiene, Clients and Methods of Social Work
Professional subjects: Health Systems and Management Studies, Applied Research Methodology, Quality Assurance in Social and Health Systems, Health Social Work Practice, Social Surroundings and Epidemiology, Fields and Methods of Health Social Work, Rehabilitation, Health Science Studies in Health Social Work, Deviance and Behaviour Disorders
Specialized subjects: Disability and Society, Gerontology and Clinical Geriatrics, Equality and Social Integration, Social work with psychiatric patients, Social Work with Patients suffering chronic diseases, Social Work with Mentally Ill Patients and Addicts, Social Work with Elderly People, Community Care and Team Work, European Economic and Social Policy
Career possibilities
Graduates with Health social work Master’s degree will find jobs in institutions and services which provide comprehensive health and social care using inter-professional and widened competencies for the sake of clients and patients. These include elderly homes, hospice care, institutions for addicts, disabled people or psychiatric patients. They can also continue their studies in Doctoral School.
International Relations
The Faculty has several intensive relations in the United States and in Europe (20 institutes of higher education from 14 countries). Its mean, that the students of our master program have every semester internationally well-known guest-professors in special topics.
The tuition fee for the 1st year of the MSc in Health Social Work Program is 5,000 USD.
More information

Something more for your Future
Important! When a student has the best marks after the first semester of study the amount of tuition will be decreased by the Faculty.

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