How and when can I register (in general and for classes)?

Registration is performed at the Coordinating Center for International Education where you need to present yourself in person within two weeks from orientation.
Registering for classes can be performed through the University’s online academic system called NEPTUN.
In case of medical programs and only for the first time your registration is going to be performed by the personnel at the Registrar’s Office. Further on you will have to register independently, however you will be able to get assistance from the appropriate University staff.
For non-medical programs, your registration is always going to be performed by the personnel at the Registrar’s Office.

How can I earn money while enrolled in a university program?
The person having a residence permit for the purpose of studies does not have to submit for a residence permit for the purpose of gainful activities for his/her employment during the time of his/her studies. Furthermore the person having a full-time student status in Hungary does not have to submit for work permit during the student status. The third-country national with a residence permit for the purpose of studies is allowed to perform gainful activity for a maximum of 24 hours a week during the semester, out of the semester for 90 days or 60 working days a year at most on a full-time job.

What are the tuition costs and is financial aid available?
Tuition fees vary based on the program you apply for. The lowest priced programs cost 5,000 USD/year, while the most expensive ones around 17,000 USD/year. For further information please visit the Tuition fee section.

When am I expected to pay tuition for the school year? How do I pay it?
In case you need a visa to enter Hungary the total yearly tuition fee has to be paid within two weeks after receiving the Letter of Acceptance. The University of Debrecen can furnish you with the visa supporting documents only when the fee has been paid.  
If you can enter Hungary without a visa you should secure your place by paying the seat reservation fee of 1000 USD within two weeks after receiving the Letter of Acceptance. We cannot guarantee the seats for students paying after the deadline.
For non-medical programs, the rest of the tuition fee should be paid in full before the registration.
Payments are accepted in the form of Bank Transfers. Cheques and cash payments are not accepted. All bank expenses should be paid by the applicant.

How do I apply for admission?
To apply for any courses/programs offered by the University you will need to submit several documents (e.g. your high school or university diploma, a short CV of yours) depending on the level of education (BSc, MSc etc.) and the program you apply for. For the application and admission procedure you can find detailed information at http://www.edu.unideb.hu/page.php?application_and_admission&id=9.

How long does the admissions process take?
In case of non-medical programs it takes about a week or two depending on the decision of the specific faculty the student has submitted his/her application to and whether he/she has to make an entrance examination or not.
In case of medical programs it depends on several factors:

  • for students submitting a regular application a reply should be expected within 2 days which after the applicant needs to take an entrance examination; the result of the examination is presented right after the examination
  • for students applying for credit transfer it may take several weeks till the responsible committee finishes the procedure regularly conducted in these cases

How early should a student apply?
Application deadlines differ based on which program you are interested in.
In case of non-medical programs the deadline of application for September intake is 15th June, whilst for February intake it’s 15th November with the exclusion of PhD programs where the deadlines are as follows: for September intake: May 31, for February intake: October 31.
However, to avoid any missed deadlines we strongly encourage prospective students to submit their applications at their earliest convenience.

How do I know which programs are offered at my local campus or online?
University of Debrecen does not offer online courses or distance education, thus all courses are held on-campus.

Does the University of Debrecen accept transfer credits?
Yes. The faculty shall recognize the credits acquired by its students in a different domestic or foreign higher education institution on the basis of inter-institutional credit equivalence agreements, individual student contracts or legislation on credit equivalency. The extent to which two curricula are similar is determined by a faculty level Sub-Committee for Educational Matters and Credit Transfer.

How long has the University of Debrecen been around? Is it accredited?
The University was officially founded in 1912, but when taking its predecessors into account it has been around since 1538.
The University conducts its programs according to the European Qualifications Framework of the Bologna Process. Thus diplomas attained at the University of Debrecen are generally accepted in the countries of the European Union. Moreover, all our programs are accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Board which is part of the European Accreditation Board. Medical programs are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), The State Education Department (NY, USA), Medical Board of California the General Medicine Council (UK – PLAB exam is compulsory), Medical Councils of India (a qualifying exam is compulsory), Israel, Ireland, Iran, Norway and the United Arab Emirates.

Do I need to bring a computer with me to Hungary? Can I buy one there?
We strongly recommend to bring a computer with you or buy one on the spot, as the registration procedure and several study related tasks do require one. There are a great deal of shops and malls in Debrecen where you can purchase a laptop or PC that suits you the best, however, most of them are designed for Hungarian language users.

How do I order my transcripts from University of Debrecen?
Non-medical programs: you can order your transcript at the Student Service Center free of charge.

How can I get a catalog?
You may download them from our webpage, or get a hard copy in the offices of our representatives in or close to your country. Their names and contact details are available here: http://www.edu.unideb.hu/page.php?representatives&id=12.

Can a student defer their admission?
The applicants can request to postpone their studies for a maximum of one year in written form. In case of medical programs, it is only possible within one month after the entrance examination, paying 1,000 USD seat reservation fee. If the student fails to register to the university within the given period, he/she can only start his/her studies after successfully passing a new entrance exam and completing the payment and fulfilling other terms and conditions specified in the new Letter of Acceptance.

How do students apply for financial aid?
On this particular matter you can find detailed information here.

How do students apply for scholarships?
On this particular matter you can find detailed information here.

Do you require letters of reference?
For the BSc degree programs offered by the University you will not need letters of reference. However, if you submit your application for a Master’s degree or a doctoral program (excluding the medical programs) you will have to present two letters of recommendation from your former professors.

Are students required to live on campus?
Students are not required to live on campus, but student hostels are available for this purpose for foreign students. Troubleshooter (www.troubleshooter.hu) can help you reserve a place in one of the hostels as a free service.
For off-campus housing options, they can also help you search for flats for rent for a reasonable service fee. For further information please visit the accomodation section.

What is an entrance interview?
Only an entrance interview is compulsory for those students who apply for BSc in Physiotherapy, BSc/MSc in Public Health, MSc in Health Social Work, MSc in Molecular Biology, MSc in Complex Rehabilitation Programs. The interview is more personal than scientific, focusing on the applicant’s English skills.
For transfer students the interview contains scientific questions as well in order to ascertain the applicant’s knowledge certified in the transcripts.


What is the next step after the entrance interview?
You have to pay your seat reservation fee / full tuition fee stated in your Letter of Acceptance. In case you need a visa to enter Hungary you will receive the visa supporting documents (original Letter of Acceptance, visa support letter, health insurance copy) from the University upon receiving the whole amount of the tuition fee, and you can start arranging your visa. Do not forget to take care of your flight and accommodation.

What is the first thing I should do when I arrive in Nyíregyházára?
You should arrange your accommodation and living in Nyíregyháza (phone, bank account etc.)  The first school-related duty for you is to be present at the orientation (exact date and time is stated in your Letter of Acceptance). There you will receive all the necessary information and documents regarding the school, including your timetable, information about the Immigration Office and the residence permit, medical examinations, student card, subject registration etc. In case you have any questions before the orientation please feel free to visit our colleagues at the Coordinating Center for International Education.

How can I get an insurance? Do I have to pay for it?
The insurance is included in your tuition fee. You will receive the contract and the insurance card at registration.
For additional information please visit the Health insurance section.

What is the medical examination? Where and when does it take place? Do I have to pay for it?
The medical check-up is compulsory for all students arriving at the University, furthermore it needs to be repeated according to the requirements of different practices. The examination includes the following tests:

  • Blood test
  • HIV
  • Anti HCV
  • HBsAg
  • Anti HBs
  • measles
  • Chest X-ray
  • Physical examination

You will receive the necessary documents and appointments during registration. The fee of the medical check-up is included in your tuition fee. The doctor’s office is on campus, right in front of the Coordinating Center for International Education.


Am I required to have a bachelor’s degree to apply for a Master’s degree?
Yes. For further information please visit the Application and admission section.

Am I required to have a master’s degree to apply for a doctoral program?
Yes. For further information please visit the Application and admission section.

Can I complete my master’s program based on an individual study plan?
In certain cases, yes. There are several options to apply for an individual study plan depending on what kind of BSc degree you have and which subjects you completed.

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