Department of Gerontology

The department was established in September, 2014 by the leadership of prof. dr. Imre Semsei. This is the first and still the only Gerontology Department in Hungary. The members of the department have different specialties, resulting from the multidisciplinary nature of gerontology. These specialties range from biogerontology through social gerontology to psychogerontology, such as the different fields of the science of aging.

Head of Department


​Further Teachers and outside members

  • Prof. dr. Gyula Bakó (Department of Geriatrics, Institute of Medicine, Univ. Debrecen)
  • Bálint Boga MD, geriatrician
  • Erzsébet Kárándi (Elderly Home of Gábor Fazekas, Hajdúböszörmény)


  • Joel Ségnon Djogni
  • Gáborné Molnár
  • Nikolett Humenyik

Educational Profiles

Education of Gerontology
We have been teaching gerontology at all 3 levels (BSc, MSC, PhD and post gradual) in both our education of Social Sciences (social worker) and Health Sciences (nurses, midwifes, emergency specialists, health managers) . Besides, our colleagues have been teaching at other higher educational universities and institutions (e.g. Faculty of Population Health, UD – physiotherapists; King Zsigmond College of Budapest – andragogists) in English and in Hungarian as well.
We also have been organizing special exams for social workers and perform accredited education in further education: “Social Care of Elderly.


  • Applied Social Gerontology further education

Other disciplines taught

  • Handicap and Society
  • Social Work
  • Pedagogy of Free time
  • Sociology I.
  • Society Statistics
  • Basic Knowledge in Research Methods
  • Hungarian Society III.
  • Social Work IV.
  • Methods of Public Work
  • Applying of SPSS in Research of the Sociology
  • Applied Knowledge of Care
  • General Basic Principles of Care and Health Sciences
  • Health Care Based on Evidences
  • Introduction to nursing and clinical medicine
  • Knowledge in Rehabilitation
  • Special Care
  • Knowledge of Professional Protocols

Scientific Profiles


Fields of Research

  • Epigenetics and Genetics of Aging
  • Help of Handicapped Children and Their Family
  • Level of Life in Nyíregyháza
  • Level of Life of Nyíregyháza County
  • Youth of Nyíregyháza
  • Relationship Diary in Examination of Personal Relationship Network
  • Analysis of SHARE Data Bases
  • CAM Research Among the students of the Faculty
  • Hospital survey on patient Safety
  • Research and Innovation actions – Innovation actions
  • Partners in Health (PIH) scale
  • Support for the definition of core competences of healthcare assistants (CC4HCA)

PhD programs
The members of the Faculty take part in 2 PhD programs: Doctoral School of Human Sciences, Doctoral School of Health Sciences.
General Information Spreading
Members of the Faculty organized and serve, in cooperation with the Local Government, the Academy of Elderly of East-Hungary. This program is the first element of the future Third Age University at the University of Debrecen to be organized. Our activities can be followed at our webpage:
Important Events
Conference: Every year at the end of November or at the beginning of December our Faculty organizes the Gerontology Days of Nyiregyhaza International Conference.
Symposium: In every fourth year we organize the Symposium of Carers and Midwives with the partnerships of the Visegrad Countries (South Bohemia University, Rzeszow University, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra).

Journal: Hungarian Gerontology
This journal was established in 2009 and this is the first (and only) gerontology journal in Hungary (on-line version: ISSN: 2062-3690; Printed version: ISSN: 2062-3682) dealing with the different topics of aging.
Books and Booklets

  • Semsei I. (2014): Introduction to Gerontology. Book Series of Faculty of Health, No 20, University of Debrecen. University Press, Debrecen, Hungary. (ISBN:978 963 318 406 6)
  • Semsei I. (2014): Lectures in Gerontology. Book Series of Faculty of Health, No 21, University of Debrecen. University Press, Debrecen Hungary. (ISBN: 978 963 318 418 9)
  • Semsei I. (Ed.) (2014): Gerontology. Volume I-II. Book Series of Faculty of Health, University of Debrecen. University Press, Debrecen, Hungary. (in preparation)
  • Huszti Éva (2015): Megismer-hetem. A személyes kapcsolathálózat feltárásának új formája: kapcsolati napló. Debreceni Egyetem, Egészségügyi Kari jegyzetek 25. Debreceni Egyetemi Kiadó, Debrecen. (ISBN: 978 963 318 491 2)
  • Papp K. – Marsi E. – Patyán L. (2014): Rehabilitáció. Debreceni Egyetem Egészségügyi Kar. TÁMOP-4.1.2 A1 és a TÁMOP-4.1.2 A2 könyvei
  • Papp K. (2014): Geriátriai ismeretek és ápolástana. Debreceni Egyetem Egészségügyi Kar. TÁMOP-4.1.2 A1 és a TÁMOP-4.1.2 A2 könyvei
  • Papp K.-Ujváriné Siket A. (2014): Az egészségügy és az ápolás alapelvei. Debreceni Egyetem Egészségügyi Kar. TÁMOP-4.1.2 A1 és a TÁMOP-4.1.2 A2 könyvei
  • Semsei I. (2008): Prevenció – az öregedés lassításának lehetőségei: elméleti lehetőségek. In: Gerontológia. (Szerk.: Semsei I.) Debreceni Egyetem, Egészségügyi Kari jegyzetek 15. Start Nyomda, Nyíregyháza. pp. 486-491.
  • Semsei I. (szerk.) (2011): Gerontológia I. & II. 2. Bővített, javított kiadás. Debreceni Egyetem, Egészségügyi Kari jegyzetek 17. Egyetemi Nyomda, Debrecen. (ISBN: 978 963 318 186 7; 978 963 318 188 1)

Relations in Hungary

  • Geriatrics Department, Institute of Medicine, University of Debrecen has tight relationships with our Department both in the fields of education and research.
  • Kinf Zsigmond College (Budapest) Institute of Communication and Adult Education collaborates with us in the fields of andragogy and gerontagogy.
  • The National Office of Rehabilitation and Social Matters collaborates with us in special social exams and accredited further education.
  • Institute of Mental Hygiene, Faculty of Health and Public Service of the University of Semmelweis collaborates with us in the field of active aging.
  • MESZK (Chamber of the Specialist Employees of Hungarian Health Matters):

International Relations:

  • AGE Platform Europe (Brussels): Members of our Faculty are the representatives of Hungary in the Administrative Council.
  • Thomas Bata University (Zlin, Czech Republic)
  • Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, USA) College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • University of Kentucky (USA, Louisville)
  • South Bohemia University (Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic), Faculty of Health and Social Sciences.
  • University of Slasky (Katowice, Poland)
  • University of Trnava (Trnava, Slovak Republic)
  • ENNE (European Network of Nursing in Higher Education)
  • ETNA (European Trans-cultural Nursing Association)

Lecture slides

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