Szociális munka és szociális gazdaság mesterszak (SOWOSEC)

Dear Students, Welcome to the Master’s Degree Program in Social Work and Social Economics (SOWOSEC).
Due to the current social and economic changes throughout the social sphere, there is a growing demand that social service providers should adjust social provision to the economy. The aim of this program is to provide professionals working in the social field with economics study so that they would be able to plan and organize the economic of the services.
International co-operation is needed in order to manage modern services of social economy, and respond to the changes across Europe. Our joint degree offers a great variety of competencies needed in this field.
Prof. Dr. Christine Gruber (FH-Campus Wien)
leader of the international curricula developing team


Dear Students,
Without exaggeration, I can say that our institution has inscribed its name into the history of Hungarian higher education when the very first international joint master degree program was accredited, which is implemented in cooperation with 9 European universities.
It is a pleasure for us that it is a master degree program related to social trainings. The philosophy behind this training is rather complicated, namely to enable social providers and academic institutions to successfully accommodate to the changes caused by the cut of state resources and be able to manage, get resource for, , furthermore make the organizations, their programs and services well-known for the public.
In other words, besides acquiring the knowledge and standards of social work at Bachelor level, students will learn how to plan effective economic frameworks for social institutions and services.
Our master degree program will join the sometimes diverging philosophy of social and economic fields with respect to the professions and European standards.
Dr. habil Gergely Fábián
Dean, head of School of Social Work