PhD degree

PhD trainings
Health Sciences
Doctoral School of Health Sciences
Head: Prof. Róza Ádány Office: Kassai út 26, TEOK 1/203 Email:
Secretary: Prof. Margit Balázs  Email:
Doctoral programmes:
- Preventive medicine and public health (head of programme: Prof. Róza Ádány)
- Metabolic and endocrine diseases (head of programme: Prof. György Paragh)
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Humanities (education, philosophy, psychology, sociology)
Doctoral School of Humanities
Head: Prof. Erzsébet Rózsa  Office: Egyetem tér 1, Main Building 227. 
Secretary: Dr. Sándor Kömüves  Email:
Doctoral programmes:
  • Modern philosophy (head of programme: Prof. Erzsébet Rózsa)
  • Socio-historical connections of education and culture (head of programme: Prof. Gabriella Pusztai)
  • Analysis of interpersonal relations from psychophysiological and psychological viewpoints (head of programme: Prof. Ákos Münnich)
  • Sociology (head of programme: Prof. Imre Kovách)
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Doctorial subprogramme  within this programme
Information Science and Technology
Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology
Head: Prof. Attila Pethő Office: Kassai u. 26. Room I111 Email:
Doctoral programmes:
  • Discrete mathematics, image processing and computer graphics (Director: Prof. András Kruppa) 
  • Theoretical basis and applications of the information technology and the stochastic systems (Director: Prof. István Fazekas) 
  • Theoretical computer science, data security and cryptography (Director: Prof. Attila Pethő) 
  • Information technology systems and networks (Director: Prof. János Sztrik) 
  • Applied IT and its theoretical background (Director: Prof. György Terdik) 
  • Industrial and scientific applications of the informatics (Director: Prof. János Végh) 
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