Institute of Social and Sociological Sciences

Institute of Social Sciences
Anita Rusinné Fedor PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the Institute
The Institute was established in 2010 because of stuctural changes in Faculty of Health. Consequently the Institute executes educational duties in institutional competece and reseach duties that are partly carried out /executed by institutions to participate in the non-autonomous department. We offer wide spectrum of social education for those who want to continue their education. There are all educational levels: from the training of basic and higher education, the Master of Science degree programs to specialized trainings. Expanding our existing profile, the Health Teacher Master's degree program was launched in 2016. In addition to departments secretariat can also be found in our institution. It is situated in rooms 312 and 310 on the 2nd floor in building “A”. Our institution is located on the 2nd floor in building “A”.  
  • Department of Gerontology
    Imre Semsei, PhD, DSc, Dean, Scientific Adviser, Director of GSCC Unit
  • Department of Psyhology
    Janos Kiss PhD, Scientific Deputy Dean
  • Department of Social Work
    Katalin Szoboszlai PhD, Associate Professor
  • Department of Social Sciences
    Gergely Fabian PhD, Habil, General and Development Deputy Dean 
Higher professional training courses 
Social work academic training - youth worker assistant specialization
Social work academic training - specialization Social Work Assistant 
BSc and Master training
BSc in Social Work
Medical social work master's degree
Health teacher
Social Work and Social Economy Master's training
Specialised further training courses 
Addictions consultant
Applied social gerontology
Interdisciplinary community work
School social work
Minorities - Equality Advisor 
Community animator
Labour market consultant
Management field practice 
Secretariat staff of our institution
  • Kósa Szilvia  training organizer
  • Kótisné Plajner Mónika training organizer
  • Rajtmárné Zsadányi Mariann administrator