Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. József Ködmön college associate professor, Director of Institute, Head of Department

In 2010, it was created to coordinate the studies and research in health sciences. For health care provides a wide range of courses for those who want to continue their education. Within the framework of the training there are vocational education, further training, bachelor or master education . The quality of the training guarantees a good position on the job market.

Bachelor and master educations

  • Nursing and Patient Care BSc. Nurse, Ambulance Officer, Midwife specialisations
  • Health Care and Disease Prevention BSc. Health Visitor specialisation
  • Health Care Management BSc. Health Insurance, Health Administration Management, Health Tourism Management specialisations
  • Nursing MSc.

Postgraduate specialist training courses

  • Acute health care
  • Rehabilitative manager in public health
  • Health visitor for young people

Providers and administrators for education

  • Mrs. Erika Belus administrator
  • Mrs. Erika Bujdosó-Erdődy administrator
  • Mrs. Anita Kovács-Zolcsák provider
  • Mrs. Enikő Kovács-Orosz administrator
  • Mrs. Zsuzsa Ozsváth-Karap provider
  • Mrs. Edit Papp-Nagy provider
  • Mr. Tibor Ujvári administrator

Updated: 2017.12.14.