Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences was established in 2010. Since then Dr. Gergely Fábián has been managing administrative, scientific and educational tasks. Lawyers, sociologists, historians, economists participate actively both in the educational and the research work of the department. Students obtain excellent education on Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. levels.
Teaching and research focus on critically analyzing the scientific impact on entrepreneurial networks, competitiveness, trends in rural development, sociological aspects of globalization and issues of labor laws. Research results have been integrated into the syllabi.

Department Chair

Teachers and outside members

  • László Sipos Ph.D (Deputy Attorney General of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County)
  • Sarolta Mádi Ph.D

Profile of the Deaprtment

Teaching covers sociology, social policy, public policy, economics, regional economics, qualitative and quantitative toolkits of social science, and legal studies in both Hungarian and in English. Recently most of the courses are attended by social work students. The lecturers of the department teach at numerous Hungarian and foreign universities (FH-Campus Vienna University of Applied Sciences, Austria, Hochschule München, Germany, University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, Babes Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and University of Trnava in Trnava, Slovakia). The department is a part of the SOWOSEC Joint Degree M.A. program that includes the participation of seven universities.

Content Areas Taught

  • Network economics
  • Poverty and social exclusion
  • Urban economics
  • Hungarian society I-III.
  • Social- and public policy I-IV.
  • Qualitative methods of social science
  • Quantitative methods of social science

Research Areas of the Faculty

  • Youth of Nyíregyháza
  • Health status in Nyíregyháza based on our own urban audit
  • Evolution and effects of transboundary entrepreneurial networks
  • Territorial capital of cities and sub-regions
  • Socio-economic impacts of the globalization
  • Everyday life of the homeless people

Faculty Participation In Ph.D. Programs
The members of the Department have already engaged in 4 PhD programs: Human Sciences Doctoral School of the University of Debrecen (Hungary), Doctoral School of Regional and Economic Sciences of Széchenyi István University (Hungary), Doctoral School in Sociology of Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary), Development Economics and Local Systems Doctoral School of Trento University (Italy).
External Affiliations of the Department


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