Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology
Short summary of the history and activity of the department
Formally the department was founded in 2000 at the faculty, in the first wave of  department foundation,  although in 1990 there were three psychologists among the members of the teacher’s guard.  In two years time actually it has worked with its present headcount, as the most integrated educational team both its composition and activity are concerned. The colleagues of the department have been psychologists - representing the different fields of psychology - since September 1990.
We work-out and educate psychological subjects in all courses of the faculty and its predecessors in title. We take part in interrogation, in thesis management and the scientific researches of the faculty.
Present colleagues of  department:
Head of Department:

​Further lecturers and external colleagues:

  • Dr. Zsuzsa Almássy
  • Zsuzsanna Katona
  • Zsuzsanna Oroszné Pál
  • Edina  Kiss
Educational profile:
Theoretical psychology
Applied psychology
Clinical psychological subjects
Skill-development courses
 Thesis topics (scientific student conference):
Scientific profile: Researches: in the fields of personal development and clinical psychology, socialpsychology, organizational psychology, health psychology, pedagogy and inclusive pedagogy.
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