Department of Health Informatics

The department responsible for supplying basic educational tasks related to the education of Health Care Management BSc. operating in quarter of a century. The department's scientific research linked to the diverse fields of mathematics and computer science affects the economy science, health science and theoretical areas of medical science in health informatics.

Head of department


Additional member

  • László Tilki, lecturer for practical courses, from Regional and teaching hospital, Nyíregyháza

Provider and administrator for education


Education profile

The department teachers provide educational tasks of  Health Care Management BSc. and furthermore on the Faculty of Health other trainings namely IT and economic courses of education.
The department teachers provide educational training organization the functions of the Health, Faculty of Health and other trainings for IT courses and economic education.
Most of the training courses of education are blended learning, going on to achieve this Moodle system is available here.

Scientific profile
Research areas

  • Health informatics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Economic science
  • Health science
  • Theoretical Medicine

The department's publications are available on the database iDEa TUDÓSTÉR.

Some prints
Lecture notes

  • Zsolt Kristóf, Mrs. Julianna Mikó-Márton: Adatbázis kezelés egyes kérdései - elmélet
  • Zsolt Kristóf, Mrs. Julianna Mikó-Márton: Adatbázis kezelés egyes kérdései - gyakorlat
  • Dr. habil. Erika Könyves, Anetta Müller, József Ködmön: Az egészségturizmus fókuszai
  • Dr. József Ködmön: Matemetika I. II.


Updated: 2017.11.06.